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28-Jun-2017 02:23

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As a citizen of the USA, I have witnessed murmuring, complaining and griping develop into an art form, and I have certainly witnessed it in myself. Let's take a look: Under the hoods of our cars rest 200 horses ready to be commanded by a key and a foot.One hundred and fifty years ago the world's greatest kings could have only dreamed of living as the poorest 10% of the U. In only one day and on beautifully smooth highways we travel the distance it would have taken long ago kings two weeks and many bumps to accomplish.Finally, at the onset of eternity we will see him face to face, and will be as he is, and will outshine the sun in the reflection of his glory.According to God's word then, the faithful are getting brighter and sharper every day and all things are working to their good.On the other hand if the spirit that dwells in us is that carnal spirit which was spawned in fallen man by Satan, then an evil, self-gratifying, complaining, lustful, (etc.) attitude will prevail. It must be noted that God's word is entirely true and consequently is always perfect science. Obey God's words and the results of your obedience will be "good fruit." Disobey and the results will be "bad fruit" -- and so it is with today's subject.

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The Noah Webster definition of murmuring is, "one who murmurs; one who complains sullenly; a grumbler." God hates complaining spirits.

Be careful what you speak because you will eat the fruit from your lips.

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