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In other sculptures on the rock at Taghe-Bostan, supposed to be not less than twelve centuries old, a deer-hunt is represented, at which a king looks on, seated on a horse, and having an umbrella borne over his head by an attendant.

In ancient Egypt, the parasol is found in various shapes.

Umbrellas and parasols are primarily hand-held portable devices sized for personal use.

The largest hand-portable umbrellas are golf umbrellas.

The latter describes the dais to be composed of 28 arcs, which are equivalent to the ribs of the modern instrument, and the staff supporting the covering to consist of two parts, the upper being a rod 3/18 of a Chinese foot in circumference, and the lower a tube 6/10 in circumference, into which the upper half is capable of sliding and closing.

The Chinese character for umbrella is 傘 (sǎn) and is a pictograph resembling the modern umbrella in design.

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The parasol, at that time of its fashion, displayed the luxury of the user's lifestyle. In the Scirophoria, the feast of Athene Sciras, a white parasol was borne by the priestesses of the goddess from the Acropolis to the Phalerus. One gem, figured by Pacudius, shows an umbrella with a bent handle, sloping backwards.Some investigators have supposed that its invention was first created by tying large leaves to bough-like ribs (the branching out parts of an umbrella).

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