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I obtain most of them at local garage or estate sales and a couple from thrift stores or e Bay.

Some of the earlier and more unusual typewriters are valuable, however.

Some other manufacturers began to use similar elements.

Finally, typewriters began to use daisy wheel elements which were a flat wheel with the letters radiating out from the center like the petals on a flower.

The typewriters are arranged alphbetically by brand. The basic front stroke typebar typewriter with the QWERTY keyboard was in place by the 1890s.

(See A Brief History of Typewriters.) A typebar is the slender bar with the letter on the end.

The last time I used a typewriter to actually do something other than test an old machine was probably 20 years ago and then probably just to address an envelope.

A manual typewriter made today works in basically the same way as a manual typewriter did over 100 years ago!

This design continued by all major manufacturers until 1961 when the IBM Selectric introduced a typewriter with a rotating typing element that looked like a golf ball with all of the letters and symbols on it.

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