Error while updating the database dayzchernarus Free amateur sex chat dating

14-Oct-2017 04:04

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However the error means you don't have an UNDO tablespace available.

It could be because your tablespace doesn't exist, or you think you have started up your instance with this initialization parameter file.

Hi, While updating a table I came across following error- ORA-01552: cannot use system rollback segment for non-system tablespace ' USERS' I have following undo parameters set in my parameter file- undo_management=auto undo_tablespace=UNDOTBS1 If I have seperate undo tablespace then why Oracle is trying to use System undo segments?

Thanks, Let's assume your settings are correct.

When sending the user submitted data to the db once it's been sanitized you should be using prepared statements.

I am trying to update my database named publication with a form as created in

And the file is used to update the database which is linked through

While updating for the next time, table project and journal are not being updated at all while other table is getting updated and giving following error.

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Your code still shows use of the DEPRECATED mysql_ functions You are apparently still not doing any Validation or Sanitization Your code doesn't show any use of isset() If you had followed the advice, most, if not all, of the problems you are asking about here would have been solved.

"Strange Error" tells you one of the three queries failed, but not why - try changing those messages to show which query failed, that will help you figure out what the problem is.