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20-Sep-2017 14:53

I filled out a police report and the officer said I will never see a dime.I was lucky I had a witness willing to step forward.Having the witness was the key in making sure I received payment from the taxi’s insurance company.Being diligent in following up with the insurance company helped, but I wouldn’t have gotten that far without the witness.The Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Cheetah Conservation Station is home to more than just cheetahs.Zebras, red river hogs, sitatunga, and Abyssinian ground hornbills all reside here as well – along with some of the most threatened species in the world, including Dama gazelles and scimitar-horned oryx.

Staff at SCBI are working to understand reproductive behavior and physiology, parental behavior, infant behavior and development, nutrition, health and disease of these species.

The other part of safety though is protecting myself and those in my car when things don’t go according to plan.