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25-Oct-2017 22:59

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Season 3, Episode 1August 13, 2007Season 3 premieres with Whitney at her first real job after graduating college; Lauren and Heidi still not speaking; Heidi playing house with Spencer; and Lauren juggling new responsibilities at Teen Vogue.

Season 3, Episode 2August 13, 2007Spencer proposes to Heidi, driving Lauren and Heidi even further apart.

Through five seasons of Pratt family drama, Kristin Cavallari feuds, and sex tapes, the Laguna Beach alum taught us that while frenemies come and go, reality TV fame (and perfect hair) is forever.

At the end of her character arc in Season 5, LC had tentatively made up with former BFF Heidi Montag, thanks to Heidi’s boyfriend Spencer Pratt’s telephone apology.

The Hills popularized reality TV that suspends reality, paving the way for a world in which we all watch as bachelorettes pledge their entire lives to unemployed aspiring celebrities season after season, reality TV divorce rate be damned.

And without The Hills, which revealed America’s endless appetite for watching pretty people check their Black Berry’s and stare vacantly out the window at L. hotspots, how would we have been able to predict the runaway success of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a show on which two sisters eating salads constitutes a legitimate subplot?

A hit reality series following a privileged pack of pretty people living in Los Angeles as they navigate the ups and downs of their friendships, careers and romances.

The first five seasons were centered around "Laguna Beach" alum Lauren Conrad.

Without the success of Laguna Beach and The Hills, we might not have Gossip Girl, let alone NYC Prep.The 30-year-old reality star revealed the deception during his weekly podcast with Dr. It’s been a decade since The Hills rocked our world, introducing a generation of viewers to fake jobs, real love, and Lauren Conrad.Season 3, Episode 19March 24, 2008Lauren and Whitney go to Paris, but the trip is marred for Lauren when she finds out Brody is seeing someone new.

Meanwhile, Spencer follows Heidi to Colorado to try to win her back.

While Cavallari gave it her best shot, she was no LC.

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