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02-Oct-2017 16:04

Thanks for reading if you got this far just looking for advise Hi :) I'm here because I'm really going thru rough times with this.I'm 12 but I've been dreaming and crushing on girls.I always try to hang around her because well I like her but it will sadly never work out :( I am 16 years old and I'm confused I dont know if I'm a lesbian or not one day at school I want with one of my friends to the bathroom and we went to one of the little rooms And I told her that I was going to ask her something but then I kissed her Hello,i'm 14.I'm here because well my high level of lesbian are way more extreme,i've always been dreaming about a girls instead of a boys.

" she says "maybe" or " thats not what i said" confussed and for the first time in my life i think im only thinking of me,myself and i..should i do?It took us a year to admit to each other his we really feel.She lives very far away so during the holidays we r separated for a month.Also I have been questioning lately who I am and who I want to be and I have been thinking about doing it with a girl and a boy and I think with a girl would be better and I much rather not have his you know inside of me so yah I think I am lesbian but I just don't know.

I just needed to get that out and if anyone wants to talk on here just let me know my name will be confused14 every time.

I've tried to talk to her, but it's hard to talk to someone you like, you know?