Unhandled exception updating render passport updating name

29-Jul-2017 19:00

We now delay using the accounts to allow the operating system enough time to finish creating the accounts.

Bug 10291 | Fixed a crash when running the Carousel installer on x86 systems due to scheduling an installer command that only is only present on x64 systems.

If SQL Server is missing on x86 systems Carousel server installation will be disabled.

Bug 10283 | Fixed an issue where configuration files that contain SQL Server connection strings and Active Directory membership configuration were incorrectly removed during an uninstall or upgrade. Additionally the installer makes a backup of these files during an upgrade.

When already complete, the exit action would trigger an infinite loop causing the installer to crash. Bug 10293 | As of Carousel 7.0 the Carousel Player installer is provided in the Carousel user interface to make it easier to commission new players without needing to contact Tightrope Media Systems for download keys.

A common problem was that the provided installer does not contain any of the dependencies required.

The error was due to a timing issue when creating new user accounts and then trying to set permissions using those accounts.