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As expected though, she kept it classy and said she had no regrets about the way she handled things in that relationship. I remember as a kid, my first breakup at 14 years old, I was jamming to Toni Braxton trying to heal out here. Just taking those experiences and learning from them. Not just with boyfriend and girlfriend relationships, but I’ve had some awesome people in my life.

Here are the deets she shared: I think, and I can’t really speak on it like that, but anytime you open up and allow yourself to love and love hard, that’s the risk you take of it possibly not working out. Even though I bumped my head in a few things, like we all do, I can honestly say I’m a better person for it and I learned from every single situation. I’m just in a great space right now and I’m sure he is too. I know what that did — me and Slim [Thug] went back and forth for 10 years.

Lessons learned from past mistakes helped to make it easy for Luckett to make the decision to keep her new relationship out of the private eye. We talked for a few weeks and he still didn’t know what I looked like or my full name or anything like that.” Luckett and Walker immediately bonded over their faith. “Then he said to me, ‘None of that matters because I’ve gotten to know you and to see your heart and that’s what I’m into, and so that doesn’t change nothing we got going on right now,” Luckett shared. I’d say, ‘God, whoever you have for me, I want them to see me. I want them to see me crystal clear in their eyes the way you see me in yours.’ And, he sees me.

“I felt that it was important to get to know each other without any distractions or any he-said she-said,” Luckett said. “After a few weeks of talking, we were praying together on the phone and reading scriptures and everything like that,” Luckett shared. “I love that he isn’t in the entertainment business, but yet he still understands me and he’s so supportive,” said Luckett. And there’s no better feeling.” Walker’s proposal was a beautiful surprise, Luckett said she never saw coming.

And although we really did love and care for each other, it just didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to. It taught me a lot, and hell, it’s helped to make me into the woman I am today. You want to share with the world what you’re feeling and what’s on your heart. ” Because it’s rare to get along with somebody and to relate to somebody and all that stuff like that.

2008 - 2008Le Toya Luckett was once engaged to Slim Thug, but the two have since had some very public disputes(aka Twitter post wars).

On Wednesday evening, Le Toya’s boyfriend – entrepreneur Tommicus Walker – popped the question in front of close family and friends.

the Jasmine received some exclusive photos of the couple’s special moment. Le Toya was previously married to writer Rob Hill Sr.

Congratulations are in order for Le Toya Luckett, who just announced her engagement to boyfriend Tommicus Walker.Luckett also showed off the rock on her personal Instagram page. To accompany the album, Luckett released a juicy three-part visual video series in which she starred as the leading lady.While the music videos were packed full of faux relationship drama, it appears in Luckett’s real romantic life, things are going well.They never opened up about the fact that they were actually married, but when speaking on the end of their relationship, Hill said in August that “There’s certain things that she needs to do over there, for herself.

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And there’s certain things that I need to do over here. I share real emotions, especially through my music, which I did on this album.If the photo doesn’t say enough, Javar’s caption said it all. @letoyaluckett Congratulations #Thats AGood Man Savannah” he shared beneath the image.

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