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The family was interesting in their way; by the time of WWII they had amassed a fortune in Hood River.But the book is dry in many places--the author seems to have wanted to use every scrap of her research, such as listing every school-year activity of all 8 of the second-generation children.Good conclusion on the continued racism, bigotry and discrimination in Hood River following the few returning Japanese and the results of all of the above (plus 2 suicides and resultant Diaspora) on the subsequent children and grandchildren.I found this book worthwhile because I hadn't known many details about the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II.For example, I had always pictured the internment "camps" as reasonably nice places where families at least stayed together.As part of a community reading program celebrating Oregon's 150th birthday, everyone in Oregon is being invited to read this book this year.Through Depression, increasing anti-Japanese sentiment, and shameful legislation, the Yasui family prospers through diligence and exceptionalism.The barriers the family broke could be equated to the integration firsts of the Civil Rights movement. The Yasuis were wrenched apart through internment, civil disobedience, and flight east to avoid the forcible removal of Japanese Americans during WWII.

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This is a masterful, compelling, and deeply moving story. *I mean this in the most positive, Anne Fadiman-esque use of the word.

He would have been born in 1935 or 1936 and have been seven at the time of the internment. " In my senior year, we played Hood River Highscool in football. I would like to go back over their roster to see if any Japanese Americans played in that game. Would it change how you treat your neighbors know the President of the United States didn't want them here, didn't trust them?

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