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24-Oct-2017 13:59

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During the days of slavery the Fila was allegedly used to return fugitive slaves, unharmed, to their masters. What separates the Fila from other big mastiff type dogs is its temperament and potential for aggression.

The dog is banned the UK, Norway, Israel and Denmark to mention a few along with being restricted in many more.

Whilst there is nearly always a reason for a dog attacking, these incidents show that certain dog breeds are capable of being deadly.

This is recognised by the fact many of these breeds are banned in countries throughout the world.

It was a Neapolitan Mastiff that played the part of “Fang”, Hagrid , the half-giant’s dog in the Harry Potter films.

The large mastiff-type head is complemented with an equally large body in which the musculature is barely hidden by thickly folded skin.

However, the potential is there for this dog to attack with lethal consequences and as a result it is banned in many countries including the UK and Australia.

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In essence this dog was bred to be a capable killer making it a popular guard dog and defender.The resulting dog is 60kg (130lbs) of lean muscle recognisable with its short white coat.

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