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04-Aug-2017 19:54

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“She used to have 14P, so I didn’t ask her to swipe me in much because I felt bad.But then she told me she was switching to 19P for the spring quarter. When you get 19P, you’re practically inviting people to use up your swipes.A Facebook post by UCLA student Gabriella Turner has taken social media by storm this past week.Gabriella announced that she had broken up with her boyfriend of three months, Chadwick Connor, after suspecting that he was using her to get free meals on The Hill.“I don’t mind sharing my side of the story,” he said.“After all, everyone already hates me.” “I was going to break up with her right before finals week last quarter,” Chadwick admitted.The majors and minors offered are extremely diverse, and it is great that you can follow both your academic interests through your major, and your creative, artistic interests through clubs, and the like.

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The teachers, students, and overall community of UCLA are passionate in succeeding and learning.“Not just to Chadwick, but to every person who has ever taken advantage of someone else. My swipes are gone, and so is my heart.” Janet Loretto, the self-declared best friend of Gabriella, also weighed in on the matter. “But he wasn’t messing with any off-campus girls, was he?