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03-Sep-2017 08:47

Work is a great way to get to know how somebody conducts themselves professionally and personally.

It's also much easier than meeting someone in a bar or club." Another offered, “Yes, with the right person, but I wouldn't seek it out.

I already work long hours so it makes it that much harder to find balance in my life; although it is nice to date someone who gets why I have to work late often.” Those who wouldn’t participate in another office relationship offer a warning to their counterparts with one business professional offering, "It was the worst decision I ever made and has had disastrous consequences for my professional reputation and office relationships.

I don't think I've ever regretted anything more." Some Business Professionals Take Office Romances Too Far This year’s survey also suggests that a significant number of people take the phrase "workplace hookup" literally: 32% of respondents admitted to having a tryst in the office, with 3% reporting having been caught in the act.

These are not the people you want to date, no matter how cute they are.

It’s scary to wonder if that person will judge you, roll their eyes, laugh at you, etc.

Scaring people by telling them they could kill you tends to freak them out, but down-playing the severity of your allergies can lead to situations which put you in danger. It sucks to have to ask a group of people to rearrange their plans so you can go to a restaurant with them, but if they’re really your friends they probably want you to join them and be safe.