Mfc updating document class variables

11-Nov-2017 20:52

mfc updating document class variables-4

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Ensemble was written in OCaml, developed at INRIA, and is a functional language and related to ML.I never liked the OCaml language, which in my opinion has a hideous syntax. However, Ensemble had a Java interface (implemented by a student in a semester project) which allowed me to program in Java and use Ensemble underneath.However, I still needed to compile and install the Ensemble runtime for each different platform, which is exactly why Java was developed in the first place: portability.Therefore I started writing a simple framework (now ), which would allow me to treat Ensemble as just another group communication transport, which could be replaced at any time by a pure Java solution.When an application connects to the channel, the protocol stack will be started, and when it disconnects the stack will be stopped.

I figured that a pure Java implementation would have a much bigger impact that something written in Ensemble.This document describes how to install and JGroups, ie. The targeted audience is application programmers who want to use JGroups to build reliable distributed programs that need group communication. Whenever the application sends a message, the channel passes it on to the protocol stack, which passes it to the topmost protocol.