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I walked to the doors and windows and looked at her, and every giant inch of her muscular, busty body and was in awe.I walked by a few more times checking her out and as she was talking on her cellphone and smiling, she was staring at me.I know it has always been the guy to initiate conversation, and to ask girls out. Around most girls, I am so little in comparison and small boned that some have even said that I'm way to little for them, and they'd be afraid they'd snap me like a twig!One even said that recently, and I told her right out I love girls much bigger than me, with lots of height and muscle.She had on her tight outfit and miniskirt and she looked so big, tall and athletic I was amazed.I was talking to a coworker and they stood in front of the vestebule windows where she was.

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Tuesday around 5 pm: I saw that towering brunette rocksolid hardbody in post 7 talking on her cellphone.

I just wish I could have found some fake reason to turn around the other way, so I can face these amazon hardbodies to show my interest.