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The typical Martin pickguard had the front point cut off and a notch in back to make room for the pickups rings.

A three-way toggle was mounted on the upper treble bout.

Other than the bookmatched cutaways, this was the same as the two-pickup F-55, with the addition of a Bigsby-made Martin vibrato in which the stylized “M” had become a similar “V” shape.

Mike Longworth also records at least three 12-string versions of the GT-75 (#218391, #218405, #218411).

The cutaway retained the wide horizontal angle of before, however the upper bass bout received a more graceful treatment, with a slight inward curve as it met the neck at the 16th fret.

The controls were the same as before; the elevated pickguard had become a large white affair, the tailpiece was the V-notched Bigsby.

The guitars were renamed the GT Series and swung into production in the beginning of 1966.

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The GT Series consisted basically of two models, the GT-70 and GT-75.Longworth’s book chronicles the company’s history in very personal terms and provides wonderfully rich detail about Martin’s many guitars through the ages.