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02-Oct-2017 18:56

In the face of ever present AIDS epidemics, many organizations have been working to increase condom use, especially in Africa.

In South Africa, safe-sex information is rampant and condoms are freely available, but their usage so far only covers one condom per week for each adult male.

But it also demonstrates a level of willful, malicious ignorance that could only be born from a truly gynocentric culture.

That Popular Science article is on the topic of condoms and is trying to get men to use them.

Women tend to find self-worth through sexual ; being beautiful, being attractive, being desired by men, that is what women have long been taught to seek. And I’m not talking about female condoms here, which have their own pleasure-spoiling qualities.

Whatever changes feminism has wrought, the core mating paradigm remains the same: women present, men pursue. What if we asked women, for health reasons, to reduce their sex appeal? When applied, it unobtrusively coats the vagina with a protective layer that blocks STDs with a failure rate comparable to condoms. No, for these STD-proof women, it isn’t their pleasure which takes a hit (about half of women fake orgasms anyway, so that’s not their goal).

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Unprotected sex is risk-taking, so why take the risk? Addicts take drugs to get high, have a buzz, rave like mad, step out of themselves, etc. Most people do not need to live on the edge of danger.Either they’re not getting lucky, or they’re just not listening.In other regions, results of condom-drives are even spottier, to the point that the World Health Organization has begun campaigns of mass adult male circumcision in hopes of reducing HIV infections, but with mixed results.Condoms came onto the scene in Europe in the 16th century.

Even then, the main goal was not preventing pregnancy (the good old days before Over Population), but to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as syphilis.With hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, or hell, even alcohol, their numerous detrimental side-effects are well documented. Most people are normal human beings, so if they are abusing life-damaging drugs, it has to be for a reason.

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