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The show follows Cory and his friends and family through seven seasons, from his middle school days as a pre-pubescent child to his life in college as a married man.

The youngster is also encouraged to wear flowery tops at weekends.Miss Laxton said her son would think nothing of being given flowers – a gift which would embarrass many men."I just want him to fulfil his potential, and I wouldn't push him in any direction.Cory and Shawn's friendship is tested for the first time, and Cory must often choose between doing what Shawn wants him to do and doing what is best for their friendship.

During the second season, Cory, Topanga, and Shawn start high school and meet Jonathan Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn), an unconventional English teacher. Turner as cool, they soon realize that he is a teacher first—hence why Cory calls him "Feeny with an earring".

"We'd watch The Wizard of Oz and always start crying, whereas my mum would think we were really soppy.