What are the ten commandments of dating

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Lovemaking can have a contemplative quality — taking time, allowing yourself to be dreamy, giving in not only to passion but also to the timeless atmosphere of sex.Ecstasy, a word often applied to sexual experience, means "to stand outside," and it doesn’t have to have the swoon factor that people sometimes associate with it.It disturbs me to meet so many people for whom sex and spirituality are completely unrelated, or exist as opposites.For those who were brought up in a world where religious influence was nonexistent or plain ineffective, it may be a novel idea to consider that sex can be spiritual.So, be prepared for a broader notion of what sex is all about.There are practical steps to go with these "commandments." Realize the importance of taking care of your bodies: being clean, smelling nice, dressing well.Ecstasy can be a steady, calm progress to a state that is tranquil and otherworldly.5.Sex is as much a ritual as anything done in church or temple.

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This doesn't mean that you don't take care of yourself and have full satisfaction in your sexual life, but as the spiritual traditions consistently teach, you can't be happy if those around you are not happy.2. You can prepare for sex by being an interesting person, bringing with you your intelligence, culture, ideas, values, and talents.If you can't do this with your dinner partner, then your sex may not be anything special. Vision is an aspect of transcendence and a reach beyond self. Visionary talk, in contrast to mundane and self-centered chatter, can be vital and erotic.4.