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'I was actually physically abused by a relative at the time and I never wanted to feel that defenceless again,' he said.'So I began working out to be able to defend myself and not feel so helpless.'Looking back on it now, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.'I want to leave behind a legacy for all transgender individuals and compete in the biggest bodybuilding competition as the first transgender man.'Ajay said his goal for the contest is to win, but he would be happy just to place among the competition.Phil started dating the model and fitness freak, 2 years after his divorce with his wife.Since Phil Heath is not a married man anymore, what do you think will he marry the young and beautiful fitness model Shurie? Would Phil love this new girl like he loved Jennie Laxson?The news of divorce has shocked all his fans as he was very supportive towards his ex-wife Jennie Laxson when she underwent through the painful process of breast cancer treatment. But, before that let's give you some information about the new girl in his life.? Who doesn't want new girls if they had a bad time with someone else?But what actually happened between them, which led the couple towards court's door? People even tend to find a new girl within a few days past divorce.Speaking about his decision to start transitioning, Ajay said: 'I absolutely hated myself, and could barely look at myself in the mirror.'I hated waking up every day and I often times felt very suicidal without really knowing why.'I finally decided that my happiness and success in life meant more than the judgment of others.I had to finally put myself first for once rather than trying to please those around me.'I took the first steps to getting on testosterone, which in Texas you are required to have at least six months of therapy with a gender specialist to be able to start Hormone Replacement Therapy.'I can look in the mirror for the first time in my life and love who I see staring back at me.

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Phil Heath is frequently seen with a very beautiful young girl, Shurie from Mile High City Arizona.Phil found this new girl 2 years after his divorce. The divorce of Phil Heath and Jennie Laxson was made official after Jennie recovered from her breast cancer. This post is an invitation to all his fans and followers.