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24-Jun-2017 07:21

You switch from struggling to find ideas for products, to instantly knowing exactly the types of products you should be promoting – because they’re in tune with your niche audience’s needs.

While his advice is geared towards affiliate marketers who earn commission from products they promote online, it’s great advice for any entrepreneur seeking to better connect with a targeted audience of customers who have both the inclination to buy AND the capacity to pay.

I’m going to share with you a basic methodology, as well as some free tools, commonly used by Internet marketers for niche research.

While this approach is oriented towards entrepreneurs who want to create a revenue generating website in the niche of their choice – which is essential if your business is entirely online – it is also extremely powerful if you are a brick and mortar business seeking to grow online income streams.

The higher the search volume, the bigger the market.

As a rule of thumb, anything over 1,000 exact match searches a month is worth looking into.

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According to Chris Ducker, outsourcing guru and Internet business entrepreneur, there are two solid reasons to prioritize finding an audience to promote to over identifying products to promote: Products come and go, but niche audiences stick around forever.

So if your goal is to make money on a business, rather than spend money on a hobby, then choosing a profitable niche market is absolutely critical.

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