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12-Oct-2017 22:02

I could feel goosebumps arise as she shivered as my lips followed an imaginary treasure map down to her hips.My body is on fire as I kiss her hip sucking on it with a pop as I release her soft smooth skin from the embrace of my lips.Her hands running wild on my body with urgency tearing my top off freeing my aching hard nipples that are dying to join the fun!She pinches and kneads them between her soft womanly hands in sequence with my moans.His hands now pawing at me grabbing a handful of my ass letting his fingers explore between my legs teasing my big pink lips through the sheer soft fabric of my panties as my mouth hugs his balls.He grabs my face pulling me up to meet his gaze as he slips his rough fingers under my panties, running them through my swollen lips, making my pussy cry out pulsing for attention.Staring in to his gorgeous eyes silently, I grab his neck pulling him in sharing my friends lovely sweet juice as our tongues become entangled not knowing who's was who's as she watches from the bed.As my free hand is gently stroking his hardening cock through his pants, he grabs my ass with his strong rough hands pulling me in tight.

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I run my tongue slowly down the bottom of his shaft as she begins to tease the tip, taking bit by bit deeper into her warm mouth.I can't fight the desire anymore her body is calling me I grab her pushing her down on the bed.As she falls she pulls me on top of her, our lips finding each others like magnets being pulled together with passion.As my head rolls to the side I come back to reality focusing on my friend laying spread out on the bed enjoying herself while I greet the mystery man.

With her devilish smile she points a free finger towards us curling it towards herself summoning us to join her.

As a loud moan escapes her lips I could feel some sort of animal instincts race through my veins, my hands wandering all over her body exploring tugging at her clothes.