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24-Aug-2017 07:09

“Hospitals right now are run like businesses and they’re focused on the short-term bottom line,” said Jeff Breslin, president of the Michigan Nurses Association, a union backing a minimum staffing bill in the Michigan legislature.If the bill becomes law, he said, “it doesn’t matter what part of the state you’re in, you can be assured you’re going to have adequate nursing care whatever place you’re going into.” Lawmakers in D.In pediatric units, that ratio can go as high as one nurse for every four patients. But nursing and hospital advocates say there is scant research on what the ideal ratios should be, and there are conflicting studies about whether mandating a ratio by law ultimately improves patients’ health, according to hospital and nurses’ groups.

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The News Tribune reported on Sunday about Hautala's refusal to comply with the policy as she aided a hospice patient in rural Itasca County.

It should be left to the nurses.” The California Experiment Today, only California requires all of its hospitals to maintain a minimum nurse-to-patient ratio.

If a hospital sees a surge of patients due to something unexpected, like a car crash or an outbreak, it still must meet the minimum ratio.

She learned of Essentia's decision in a phone call from the volunteer coordinator, Hautala wrote.

Legislatures in at least seven states and the District of Columbia are trying to answer that question as they debate bills that would require hospitals to have a minimum number of nurses on staff at all times. California is the only state that has a minimum nurse staffing law, but at least seven other states are considering adopting their own versions (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images). California’s state legislature passed a minimum nurse staffing law in 1999.The bills call for a different ratio in different parts of a hospital.

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