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We see him cross to a little boat built for two or three that is settling low in the water as a seventh man climbs in with his gear. He continues to call directions and move people out of the way to set up his shot. ANGLE SHOWING VAUGHN APPROACHING THE DOCK Brody spots the Mayor coming towards the dock, and detaches himself from the group to join him. BACK TO DOCKSIDE Hendricks is mediating the argument between the two men, and we can hear a plaintive "But Lenny," from the local as Brody sees something that makes him move towards the other side of the dock. Brody, a landlubber for sure, is trying to direct traffic to untangle this new mess. HOOPER Well, if one man can catch a fish in 50 days, then I guess 50 of these bozos can catch a fish in one day -- beginner's luck. MEADOWS Okay, everybody, I want to get a picture for the paper -- could everyone clear out of the way? Hendricks hold up the "Beach Closed" sign in ironic victory. Another jolt to her body, driving her under so that only her hair swirls on the surface. ELLEN Don't be silly - You're going to make summer better for them... The first bump jolts her upright, out of the water to her hips. Whatever she feels makes her open her mouth to scream, but she is slammed again, hard, whipped into an arc of about eight feet, up and down, submerging her down to her open mouth, choking off any scream she might try to make. I told you not to play near there until I sanded it down. "STILLNESS IN THE WATER" AKA: "JAWS" by Carl Gottlieb and Peter Benchley From the novel by Peter Benchley OVER BLACK Sounds of the innerspaces rushing forward. ANOTHER PART OF THE BEACH NIGHT Tom and Chrissie are separated from the others, silhouetted against the fire, she pauses and looks at the ocean, he is plodding along in the sand, winded. She runs headlong into the inviting sea, plunges cleanly into the water with a light "Whoops! Behind all this, we continue to hear the sentimental, beery chorus of alma maters. Then it too is sucked below in a final and terrible jerking motion. Before Brody can answer, Michael, his oldest boy, enters, holding his hand. Then a splinter of blue light in the center of the picture. Chrissie runs down the slope of the dune towards the water, leaving Tom reeling atop the dune. Tom is trying to trail her by her clothes, like Hansel following bread crumbs through the woods. Then we see it -- a gentle bulge in the water, a ripple that passes her a dozen feet away. She looks around for him, finds him still on the beach, his feet tangled in his pants, which have dropped around his ankles. HOLD on the eddies and swirls until we're sure it's all over. CLOSE ON TOM ON BEACH In his shorts, laughing to himself, turning in slow stoned circles, held prisoner by his windbreaker which seems to have him in an armlock, as he struggles to free his arm from a tight sleeve. Ellen Brody, a tall, attractive blonde woman, enters from upstairs. (she indicates bag of clothes) I'm taking them to the Thrift Shop. Pick out what you want to keep -- it's mostly your city clothes. There is bright new blood on it, but he is sensibly unconcerned.

He gives her a light kiss, starts to go, with his cup. A beautiful model splashes in the gold surf, languishing in a Solarcaine sun. POLLY This is in no order of importance, Chief: There's a meeting on the Amity Town Council on Aging this Monday night, Bentoncourt Hall. There's a city truck with New Hampshire plates parked right in front of my... As he turns a corner a little man in a white smock emerges from the Funeral Parlor. Santos looks both ways before crossing Colonial Drive. (to Brody) Go on and help yourself to whatever you need, Chief. He starts back the way he came when Hendricks shoots up the street in the patrol jeep. VAUGHN C'mon, it'll give us time to think about what they're going to say. Behind him, Vaughn's Cadillac pulls up and skids to a stop. Vaughn indicates the beach where the Scouts are flopping out onto the sand, exhausted, glad to be finished. VAUGHN Martin, we hired the best man we could find. VAUGHN We need someone who isn't prejudiced by old feuds or family ties, someone who can referee things. The others surround Brody as Vaughn leads the way back to the cars, ad libbing their problem with the little karate choppers. The Kintner boy's legs and arms are kicking and paddling, producing bizarre underwater vibrations of more than passing interest. ON THE BEACH Brody is half-rising, looking out over the water. These are some of the steps I've taken as Chief of Police... First, I plan to start our seasonal summer help early, and to use shark spotters on beaches open to the sea. The riffling begins again, stops on a grizzly photograph of scar tissue on six former shark victims. Photograph of five Ichthyologists posing on wooden stools, framed by the enormous jaws of a prehistoric shark from the family Carcharodon charcharias. Ellen walks past Brody to the window and looks out the window which overlooks the south bay. Charlie baits the hook with a massive chunk of sirloin while Denherder secures the loose end of chain to a skinny piling. CLOSE - CHAIN IN WHEELBARROW Suddenly zipping out, faster and faster, as both men straighten. Both men watch dumbfounded as the inner tube, racing out to sea in a wake of white water, suddenly dips under. Denherder is flipped like a chip over the side and into the cold night water, where he manages to snag hold of a splintered timber. Charlie rolls into the water, sputters, turns to watch the flotilla of wood draw away. CHARLIE'S POINT OF VIEW The end of the jetty makes a 180-degree turn and heads back in his direction. Denherder steps up on the broken-off piling just to be out of the water. That's when the fin behind him seems to reach up to the sky and Charlie manages, with Denherder's desperate help, to make it safely to shore. There's enough there to satisfy the most gluttonous shark. From her, we pan off to reveal other cheerful bathers enjoying that last uncluttered weekend before the season starts in earnest. OUT-OF-TOWNER You're charging me double the usual rent! The man passes Brody a cigar box filled with dynamite sticks. HOOPER Officer, I wonder if you could tell me where I could find Chief Brody? A speedboat chugs by, one of the occupants reading instructions aloud from a book entitled "Sharks - East Coast, Vol. A few yards off stern we see a triangular dorsal fin crossing back and forth, struggling, jerking, the mighty tail threshing. They are attacking the threshing beast with all they've got. Rationality wins, and he turns on the recorder again.