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The move comes after widespread criticism of the policy in the wake of presidential candidate George W. Jones surprised students and supporters by announcing the policy change during an interview on CNN's "Larry King Live." Jones acknowledged that recent scrutiny of the school's policies was behind the decision. "All of a sudden the university is at the center of a Republican presidential debate."The southern school adopted its ban on interracial dating in the 1950s.

Ironically, the policy was not instituted in response to concerns of white parents, but came after an Asian family threatened to sue the school when their son, who was a student at the school, nearly married a white girl. The school lost its tax-exempt status in 1983 after a 13-year battle with the Internal Revenue Service, which said the school's policies violated federal law.

For them, and most other readers who wrote, the central issue was not race, but the challenge of finding and keeping a loving mate.

The end point of my column was that single, middle-class black women ought not to limit their dating prospects to black men from a shrinking eligibility pool.

I think back to something my father used to tell my sisters and me when we were growing up: Like when Instagram models date Soundcloud artists, you know?

From a white women who never married and still regrets turning down a date with a black classmate 40 years ago.

On my podcast we joke a lot about having white baes because since we met each other that’s kind of what we’ve both had. We just think it’s funny to laugh and joke about that especially because I know for me growing up I always heard, “You’re going to date a white guy,” and so there was such a stigma to it. I was like, “Cool.” But I have other friends who have dated successfully through Tinder, and I have others who have met at parties through friends of friends.

It’s fun to take that back and be like, “Yeah, I guess I do date white dudes.” But also, we’ll date literally anybody.

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