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The following Excel macro will work with any size database starting in cell A1 and it will work in any version of Excel (1997 to 2010). The userform is a small or large dialog window that you create and allows the user to submit values that will be used by your macros.To these userforms you will add controls (command buttons, text boxes, list boxes and others) and program them.Look for the error before the segment highlighted in blue. Within Excel you can open another program and even develop a program within it using VBA.

To tell Excel not to update the display, add this to your code : The following test was carried out by the macro that generates the annual calendar for the Calendar-Pratique application.Since their values never change, they are evaluated only once when your code is compiled, rather than each time they are used at run time.This is closely tied with Specific Object Type Declaration.You can prevent Excel from recalculating the workbook by using the statement: An individual item of a collection object may be accessed by either its name or by its index into the collection.

For example, if you have three worksheets ("Sheet1", "Sheet2", and "Sheet3") in a workbook ("My Workbook"), you can reference "Sheet2" with either Whenever you can, declare values as constants, rather than variables.In this second section you will discover the programming language itself: VBA or Visual Basic for Application.