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From as early as he can remember, Goude would draw images of aboriginals and black people, and would write stories about the characters he created.

For Goude, Aboriginals were his heroes; he would draw them fighting White cowboys, and unsurprisingly, the Aboriginals would always win.

Several assumptions can be made about Goude’s artistic choices in these separate sectors.

Some may think that in mostly barring Black women from advertisements, that there is an underlying belief that such women should not be displayed for the public.

Jean-Paul Goude was born on December 8, 1940 to an American ballet dancer, and a French elevator repair man, and grew up in the Paris suburb of Saint-Mande.

As a child, Goude’s mother recognized his natural sense of rhythm, but the most notable characteristic that Goude acknowledged in his childhood self, was a fascination with Aboriginal and black people.

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Even decades later, the views developed with the help of his mother continue to fuel Goude’s passion for photography.Goude photographs White models similarly to the way in which White women were censored in Victorian times, while images of Black women are highly sexualized and stigmatized.These traits may be used to satisfy his beauty standards, without hypersexualizing, and tarnishing the reputation of the White woman.The book does not feature any of Goude’s commercial imagery, displaying only his artistic representations of ethnic minorities, with an emphasis on Blacks.

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The book is separated into several chapters, each titled with the name of the models used in his photographs.

Jean-Paul Goude’s book, Jungle Fever, has been described as an autobiographical exploration of his career.

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