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For example, some women have found that testosterone patches help boost desire, although this treatment is undergoing further research.

Among my own acquaintance, some women have found that acupuncture helped them through the menopause, and others found yoga was a godsend.

Bored, frustrated, rebellious, feeling "sedated" and intolerant of life as it was, Lester was brought back to life by his lustful fantasizing over seductive, teenaged blonde nymphet cheerleader Angela (Mena Suvari), his daughter Jane's sexpot friend and a wannabe model. The extremely 'guilty pleasure' film about losing one's virginity on prom night (coming up in three weeks) for four seniors took three rounds of censorship cuts to satisfy an R-rating.

When the Lolita-esque female opened her team jacket during a basketball game to reveal her breasts, in his fantasy mind she let loose a cascade of red rose petals. The film was available in a theatrical R-rated version and in an "Unrated version" - The Version You Couldn't See in Theatres - for the home video and DVD markets with additional footage -- a burgeoning marketing trend.

I don’t know a single British woman who regularly sees a gynaecologist, yet I don’t know a single American woman who does not. One single friend of mine moved to Paris when she was 50 and reported that her new Parisian doctor behaved as if it was her life’s mission to get her dating again.

She was prescribed hormonal creams, lubricants and pelvic-floor exercises.

On the other side of the nettle patch many women discover a new zest for sex, freed from fears of pregnancy, from small children and the inconvenience of menstruation.

In other words: take off your shoes, the grass is lovely.

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Back in Blighty, most women shuffle off to see their GPs and, like you, often don’t get offered too much beyond HRT and antidepressants.In the midst of a mid-life crisis in his manicured suburbia home, Lester was experiencing a breakdown (male powerlessness or castration, similar to the cut off roses) - he impulsively quit his job, bought a vintage car, and began lifting weights (in the nude) and smoking pot, while Jane was beginning a love affair with her next-door videographer neighbor, pot-selling Ricky Fitts (Wes Bentley).(She intentionally showed herself topless to voyeuristic Ricky, at one point in the film.) Ricky was abused by his angry, Nazi-loving, paranoid and homophobic Marine officer father Col.They were shocked by the dialogue they were hearing from the TV: "Baby! " Jim: "It's not what it looks like"), and then later deciding not to tell Jim's mother: "Jim, I want to talk about masturbation.

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Now, I just want you to know that it's - it's a perfectly normal, uh, thing. I, uh, did a fair bit of masturbating when I was a little younger. Yeah, you know, 'pounding the ol' pud.' I never did it with baked goods, uh, but you know your Uncle Mort? And it's like, it's like, uh, banging a tennis ball against a brick wall, which can be fun. What you want is, you want a partner to return the ball."Jim also spied through the Internet with a web-cam on frisky, busty Czech exchange student Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) as she undressed and then viewed his girlie magazines, and then was masturbating herself when he entered the room.

His actual seduction of the vulnerable, seemingly-slutty and surprisingly virginal Angela, when he opened her blouse and removed her pants, was aborted when she confessed: "This is my first time... It was about a sex-obsessed, awkward, coming-of-age high school senior named Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs).