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Hayes, meanwhile, had initially welcomed the death sentence, and converted to Judaism while in prison'So the state never achieved getting somebody executed against their will,' he said.

'It was an incredibly failed criminal justice policy. This money could have been used for victims and treatment programs.'Hayes also sued the Connecticut Department of Correction in August of 2014, alleging the preparation practices for kosher meals in the kitchen at the state’s highest-security prison do not conform to Jewish dietary laws.

Petit managed to flee to a neighbor's home as his daughters perished in the fire Hayes lit.'It is a very sad day when a prolonged trial and decision and sentencing by a jury that took 4.5 months to seat is overturned by a legislature that ignores the wishes of the people of CT,' he said in a text message via Twitter on Wednesday.

Commuted: Steve Hayes (pictured left in 2007, right in undated prison photo) was sentenced to death in 2010, but because Connecticut repealed the death sentence, he and ten others are having their sentences changed Victims: Dr.

The issue came to light after a story appeared in several newspapers published by Hometown Publications shortly after Halloween.

(Hometown publishes 12 publications each week, including the Valley Gazette.) The story centered on an Arkansas-based organization called White Revolution, some of whose affiliate members had distributed fliers in predominantly white neighborhoods in Connecticut cautioning residents not to take their children trick-or-treating in minority sections, ostensibly for safety reasons.

She told the cashier to call the police, but they arrived too late Bedroom: Komisarjevsky raped Michaela, who was tied to this bed, then left her here when the house was set on fire.

“As it says at our Web site, we are an umbrella coalition of pro-white organizations and activists dedicated to securing the existence of our people and a future for white children,” he said.

While we already have a strong policy in place regarding on-line advertising and inappropriate sites, we are working with our partners to ensure that this situation is never repeated.” No way to monitor sites “Don’t count on it,” said Jeffrey Cohen, president of Vernon-based Image Works LLC, a Web-based software company.