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"Fuck Mom, I'm gonna cum," I breathed into her ear and she squeezed her asshole around my cock as I flooded her rectum with shot after shot of jism.I didn't want to pull out, so as gracefully as possible I lifted her and stepped the few feet back to the outdoor setting and reclined in an armchair, her on my lap, my softening cock inside her ass. I checked my e-mails and call register and no one else had seemed to have seen the "basketball incident." We were both a little hungover and I was still fretting over the looming arrival of Amanda. Taking my hand again, she led me towards the women's toilets." It wasn't an invitation, it was a demand and I needed no further prompting.I crawled to her behind and took over the spreading of her bum cheeks, allowing her to clasp the rail with both hands. " I didn't reply but instead responded by pressing my index finger to her opening and slid it deep, replacing my tongue which went back to feeding from her pussy.Mom regularly exercised and was able to match the pace I set her. Female voices exchanged laughs and then someone entered the cubicle adjacent to us and the door closed. Their lips came together and immediately tongues were thrust into the others mouth.

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My mind harked back to the swimwear store and the young salesgirl. My hardening cock now in view, she wrapped her hand around it, lifted and began sucking my heavy testicles.

In comparison my mother would win hands down and as opposed to then, on this occasion I knew my mother wasn't wearing panties underneath. Footsteps entered the toilets and my mother looked up at me and placed her index finger to her lips in a hushing gesture.

She wore a black sports bra and a light pink crop top, her hair in a pony tail, she could've been a fitness model. She then took my cock in her mouth and worked her magic up and down my shaft.

Mom was holding onto the rail with one hand now, the other grasping at her breast and pinching on a nipple.

Lightning lit up the city, closely followed by the crack of thunder.She casually stroked the back of my head and I in turn caressed the backs of her stockinged legs. Her smooth pubic mound merely inches below my jaw, I looked up through her cleavage at her caring, reassuring face now smiling down at me. " I asked, "She could ruin everything." "She can't ruin us, she won't change the way I feel about you Daniel," she replied, still stroking my hair. "It won't come to that though, I'm sure it'll all work out." From such small actions, such large consequences can occur.

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