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12-Nov-2017 13:40

Well so I thought until I found out the crux of the problem she had with her friend was that she dated the friend’s ex. Mary is the sort of girl who at any point in time shouldn’t have a problem getting a man of her choice. And men of all sorts usually hassle themselves silly just to be in her company.I mean she could get any man by just snapping her fingers. According to her, she felt it was wasn’t a big deal since her friend had already broken up with the guy.Did he in some way instigate the break up so he could have a go at her? And these are the sort of questions that invariably end the trust between good friends. And with the trust gone, can I honestly call him my best friend? Dating your best friend’s ex would really lead to to very awkward situations.

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You have to face the fact: your friend is possessed by a fierce force: it's the inexplicable power of attraction... The tricky part of your friend's douche-dating is finding a strategy to encourage him or her to accept reality without being too pushy.A douche will leave you stranded on your birthday, flirt with people in front of you, doesn't want to be in a relationship but doesn't want you to move on, puts you down in public, abandons you when you need him most, and feeds off your heart. Like the act of douching, a douche is someone who creates more bacteria, irritation, inflammation, and infection than it's worth.He will exploit your weakness of loving him, and because you keep coming back for more, he never has to change. One big challenge in this situation is accepting that your friend is not an innocent in this equation.The sort of feelings a dude like me would rather not have to deal with at all.

But life being the way it is, sooner or later, we just have to deal with these uncomfortable situations.

And if you find yourself about to implode from the chaotic craziness of it all, remember that you too were probably once seduced by a douche.