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Not that he's complaining when he gets a new older brother out of the deal. Of course, it's just typical he didn't find out until Yuuei. This is the tale of the one year period he has with each of them and how it will effect his Future. Shibi Aburame was sent on a mission to the Magical World on the orders of his Hokage. She knew her fight with Sasuke in the Valley of the End would change their lives but Naruto didn't realize how much it change her life until she found herself in a world where people had quirks instead of chakra. Besides, it served the wizard right for not heeding the rumors about Bilbo and the Old Forest. Ch6 (Yuri On Ice AU): Tsuna is a figure skater with the devil as a coach. She meets the Shinigami and learns the truth behind Quirks before being sent back with the mission of becoming a Hero to Spirits and Yokai as well as Humans.

Old alliances are tested and new ones are forged as this wizard makes his own way in the underworld! Colubo with another child for Dadan to watch over and only Luffy would accept point blank that she was his sister, despite sharing no resemblance. It helps that everyone likes his singing voice but less helpful when Bakugou calls him Rapunzel a la Tangled. Both shaped by deluded old men into weapons against immortal monsters. Rose Potter and Schrödinger find themselves fighting off manipulations from all sides as they come to terms with their pasts..a growing bond with each other. AU Where Tsuna is raised by the Arcobaleno for one year each. For only certain Shinobi are allowed to venture that far from the Elemental Countries. Now here she was two years later, becoming a superhero by going to Yuuei High School while at the same time trying to figure out a way back home. Tsuna finds an abused child with an abundance of sky flames. Hadrian di Vongola is raised by two loving fathers, surrounded by the most dangerous people in the world, and taught to kill by the best of the best. After the Feudal Era, you would think Kagome would be prepared for anything. Kyouya is a police officer watching his cousin on a day off. The spawn of the two most notorious villains of Gotham. Rick thought it was odd, the heated looks Daryl would give his pet panther. With Yokai lending her their powers and an inability to die, Izuka Midoriya will become a Hero that can truly save everyone! Instead, I was rescued by a crew of people who I knew only as characters in a story.

Arcobaleno27A series of one-shots or random ideas I'm not sure how will go over with the fans. The concept of balance is the world of Ninja is very different. Jiraiya who never saw enough to have any clue what is coming. You'll admit while playing Darksiders you spent a fair amount of time wondering what it would be like to travel with War and try to awkwardly flirt your way into his heart.

Any idea that randomly pops in my head will likely be posted unless I have more than four chapters. So it's no surprise that when Regulus Black calls her, she goes to help him without even a bit of hesitance. Unfortunately you never really considered how hard it would be to stay alive or how many people would like to sink their claws into your flesh and yank out your information.

Witches, demons, monsters, ghosts, and humans as they take on case after case. Sanjixoc A repository of moments and snapshots that take place in between, before, or after various chapters in Amongst Untrodden Ways. Some people get invited to the Varia...others sneak in.

Sometimes working alone, sometimes working together. Always working towards one common goal: To obliterate evil and to do it stylish! Welcome one and all, but beware of wayward spells, flying chairs, giant monsters, and -of course- high doses of Fairy Tail Luck that will lead you off the beaten path. Tsuna and his Guardians are capable, having been trained by Iemitsu himself. Rosethorn is a witch who desperately wants to forget who she was when she left England.

Being 23 was too old for this kind of crap, she missed her old life in the past. Of all the things on Melody Traver's list of things to do and see, going to an alien planet embroiled in a civil war was not one of them. So she sends out a call, desperately seeking those who can help her. I want to live to age 30, but nooooo; it has to be a fighting anime with Doomsday plan in motion! Wherein Sawada Tsunayoshi is a mythological creature magnet, and it doesn't seem to matter much where those creatures come from. Back to back, heart to heart, it's a long way up for the kids who have seen their lives go down in flames. It says something about her parenting that Uchiha Itachi is considered a better prospect for raising a child. Chaos Game has been updated for what promise to be a long adventure among youkai and miko, and even through time! Strange even among her clan and as a Queen of her Hive, she won't be taking any sh** from her soldiers. A mature and capable Team7 under Kakashi is coming with plenty of chaos in their wake. She was found on the side of the highway after the bombing of Atlanta, abandoned by her father. They have a lot of questions for her, but one stands above all others.

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This is Skull had always done his best to keep his mafia life away from his mother, not because she couldn't handle it but because he wasn't sure the mafia could handle her. The two who saved her become her guardians, only to find that she is in more danger than ever before. Bucky turns himself in to what was once SHIELD so that he might get the help he needs shedding The Winter Soldier identity and to find the answers he's looking for. Now he's friends with a hidden mafia heiress and loving every minute of it. Prowl finds life complicated, but it gets even more so when his spark starts getting melted by a young femme, Auri.

This will mostly be for Harry Potter and HP crossovers. She didn't know that from then on, her life would be quite... Bits, pieces, background, and sidestories canon to my 'Not Quite Myths' story, not in any particular chronological order.

Thirteenth: The Vindice are a terrifying emotionless collective.

Except that they're also not, apparently, because Bermuda can't quite help but want to protect the brightest Sky any of them have ever seen. A variety of stories in One and Two shots, sometimes more that have been distracting me for the Naruto world. It was a battle to break the curse, but now loss meant death for his tutor.

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Harmony Potter prefers the life of a simple horse rancher after she left England. SI's, OC's, pairings and non..meanderings and absolute destruction of timelines. At first, Tsuna truly thought he had a chance, but enemies are attacking from all sides and from within.

After having three liaisons quit in as many weeks the Autobots don't know if they'll ever have that particular position filled. Now they are wondering if Primus had been laughing at them the entire time. But Reborn is unsettled; their competence borders on eerie, and he has yet to hear Tsuna speak a word. Where better to make a fresh start than in a group of elite assassins like the Varia? Unfortunately for that fact, nothing can stand up to their Dying Will to save their family, even if it means reversing time itself.

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