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21-Jun-2017 20:31

If Ray William Johnson is the Internet version of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Vsauce is most definitely the Internet version of Bill Nye The Science Guy.

His videos like “Why Do We Have Two Nostrils” and “What Color Is A Mirror” aren’t just entertaining—they’re also very educational.

Although a little more inappropriate and vulgar than some of the others, Shane has made directing and professional editing a big part of his videos.

He's very well known for filming himself playing characters like “Shananay” and “Aunt Hilda,” which are just two of his iconic personalities that appear like they’re interacting with one another in the videos.

Here are just 10 very creative individuals who worked hard and stayed persistent with their videos, eventually turning the into internet celebrities.

Ray William Johnson is best known for his show called Equals Three, where he would review and comment on popular viral videos.

The group of guys who run this channel spends ridiculous amounts of money on grocery supplies for their videos, and then use all that food to cook up different monstrosities (usually made almost entirely of meat) in the kitchen before stuffing their faces with it.

The Vsauce channel is run by a very bright guy named Michael who explains some of the weirdest stuff to his viewers according to science.

His family, called “the Shaytards” features one of the closest and most loving families you might ever see, consisting of five adorable children, two very charismatic parents and often their extended family members too.