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But what I feel for her is real and is never going to change." "Love is a strong word, young man." Paul said gruffly. Without your consent, I'll be forced to disrespect your family by dating your daughter behind your back. But I want to do the right thing so please." Paul stared at Ty for a long moment.

Ty took a deep breath, silently urging himself to calm down. I know you'll probably think I'm just saying that to continue...getting my rocks off.

And right out there, under the stars, the young lovers swayed to that lovely song. At Last' When the song ended, they kept staring at each other, still completely lost in the magic of the song. "Give me your phone." Ty didn't think it was necessary to save his number on Tanesha's phone as his plan was to call her immediately he got home. But a serious soldier doing his job shouldn't even notice that. It was not every day Paul saw a strong proud male such as Ty completely bare his soul.

Ty got out of the car and quickly went around to Tanesha's side. Ty drew her to him just as Etta James' melodious voice began to belt out the song. How do you put it..your rocks off." "That's not how it happened." Ty said quietly, the full import of the wrongness of his actions finally hitting him. If for..." "Would you please permit me to court your daughter Sir? I'm just stating facts and how I thought things should go for my daughter under normal circumstances...which this is not." "I know. I missed her so fucking much." He whispered, not even looking at the obviously shocked Paul who was staring at him.

But know what is going to make your 'work' difficult? " Dora Aston asked, entering the living room and going to sit beside her husband. " She asked taking the glass of scotch from Paul and taking a sip. "Her feisty nature." Ty said, managing to look all serious. By the time Ty was ready to leave, there was an easy friendliness between himself and Tanesha's parents.

But it was definitely not dan..." Tanesha trailed off when Ty began to punch some buttons on the music console, immediately filling the car with the lovely violin orchestration that precedes Etta Jones' 'At Last'. "Where I come from, you first introduce yourself to a girl's parents, court her, marry her, before you have sex with her. "I'm not saying you should court or marry my daughter. He had no doubt that Ty would do exactly as he'd said..his daughter with or without his consent. And I want the honest answer." "I'll be as truthful as I can Sir." "Whilst my daughter was on that Island, there was a time I was present during negotiations with ZONKAI. Skull, who gave me a very graphic detail of how he was going to cut up my little girl. After all, it's not every day I come face to face with someone who has seen me at my lowest." Paul drawled, making Ty wince. Then Dora Ashton said something which totally blew out the deal Paul had with Ty. "I would shake on it but I think a strong drink would be better. " Paul asked, giving the word quotations with his fingers. And she knows how to argue her case to make her opponent come across as either the devil or an idiot. As they walked him to his car, Paul and Dora told Ty they were going to be in London for about a week and asked him to keep a close eye on Tanesha as the attack on her had shown them that they had to be careful. Dora Ashton had met him at the door with a cheerful smile and waved him into a couch. Ty knew for a fact that Tanesha had entered the house before twelve midnight. He stared back at the man for a moment and then thought defiantly; 'fuck this'. "But as a father, it pisses me off that my daughter was being used..." "With all due respect Sir, your daughter wasn't being used." Ty rasped, irritation simmering through him. " Paul moved to sit at the edge of his seat, with his hand clasped on his knee, his eyes cold. Suddenly finds herself in the grips of criminals who want to kill her.

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Paul Ashton sat cross from him, in another couch tapping a foot against the plush rug beneath his feet. Ty had gotten to the Ashton home at exactly ten a.m. " "I'd rather not Ma'am." "Dora." She'd corrected automatically. "Hey come here." He crushed her to him and hugged her till she was calm enough to enter the house. " The elderly man raised an eyebrow, as if challenging Ty to disagree. He also couldn't help but wish he could ask the man whether fucking his daughter had in any way prevented him from keeping her safe.

Ty bit the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing. I'm only..." "And you think Ty doesn't know her after being with her for a month? For all you know it was her feisty nature that attracted him to her in the first place..." "Really Dora? "You really think a hot-blooded young man such as Lt. Wesley here actually waited to see our daughter in action before getting attracted? He didn't think it would be in his best interest to tell Tanesha's parents that he'd actually fallen in lust with their daughter immediately he'd first laid eyes on her..she'd been fast asleep.