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01-Oct-2017 15:03

The spacious trackpad (for a Chromebook) is also a delight to use, registering multi-touch gestures with aplomb.

Just as a touchscreen device should have a fluid, lag-free multi-touch display, a laptop's keyboard and trackpad should be excellent for input. The keyboard and trackpad are winners, but the 11.6-inch display is not. Individual pixels look larger than any I've seen on a display in a long time.

Samsung's Chromebook 2 released in May had all the ingredients of a winner: a sleek design and a good keyboard and trackpad. The slow Samsung-built Exynos octa-core processor designed for smartphones and tablets is no more. With its new, faster and more competent brain, the Chromebook 2 no longer chugs when a handful of tabs are open.

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You won't need to transfer things from one computer’s local storage to the Chromebook 2’s. While Chromebooks work better when they’re connected to the Internet, sometimes you don’t have access to Wi-Fi (like when you’re on an airplane). But most of the time it's the keyboard and trackpad.

It’s basically just the Chrome web browser and a “Files” folder to save things to.

The point of Chrome OS is for everything to always be connected to the Internet and for everything to be done and stored in the cloud.

The refreshed Chromebook 2 is more or less the same Chrome OS-powered laptop, but with a processor that's actually powerful enough to do several things at once. Samsung's Chromebook 2 might look and feel virtually identical to its predecessor — it’s still a plastic wedge with its fake leather lid and stitching, and it still weighs 2.65 pounds — but fear not, it's a different beast thanks to its new brain.

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Downgrading the 4GB of RAM to 2GB was a mistake, though, as .They have a subtle grippy texture that prevents fingers from slipping off the keys.

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