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Remember yes and no questions must be answered only with yes or no and the first letter must be capitalized (most of the time...) for Miku to understand.

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But from that time, there was a wish I held in my heart. Ymir's Titan form is considerably smaller than most Titans, standing at and is the shortest intelligent Titan thus far.

She has disheveled-looking brown hair held back with a red tie and usually wears the uniform of the Scout Regiment.

Ymir tried to consume Reiner but Marcel pushed him away as Ymir grabbed and consumed him instead as Reiner and Bertholdt watched in horror.

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Ymir chose to abide by her given name hoping to save the other members of the cult, but this proved fruitless and she was arrested with the other cultists.

Unlike others with the power of the Titans, the body is not well-proportioned because her head is too big.

She has long arms, a large nose, rugged hair, small black eyes, small pointed ears, sharp fangs and claws allowing her to easily climb trees and tear into enemy flesh.

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Eventually, Ymir found her way to the Walls and became a street thief within the interior.