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disc out at the beginning and be sure to use decrepit skin, lots of fast hits means it will go off non stop and mitigate a LOT Of damage.2.0 parts were easy, i even had to get howling stones key (which was a time drainer but simple, both the mob in keasora and lake of ill omen were already up when i got to them) lhrancs ring was very very simple, pendant was a little more of a bish, as i could only get 2 reavers to spawn at a time (not like the 72 in a row that i have heard horror stories about when people were very less geared) 2 hour respawn time on these made the camp kinda long, got it on 3 spawn on black reaver that spawns ghiosk.1 night i did the farming for the sheeth (hate was kind of a pain as all the adds are more than annoying) and skill upped tailoring to 100.The hides from Po N were kinda crappy too, 4 spawn on the platform past the hobgoblin camp. go to Po K buy mandrake root(every item listed is vendor except high quality cat pelts) combine 2 at a time in a sowing kit to lvl 66. Then go get smithing up to 37 doing combine of waterflask, file, and small brick of ore (all sold in pok for nearly nothing) that yields steel boning.And on top of that any sk that is spent the time in developing a character just like any other charactergoing to end up with excellent results and to be honest with you anybody that knows how to play in SK hands down out tank out tuant and I'm a **** near out DPS most of the DPS SK's or not something to be taken lightly because if they've got AAA and good gear and it's out there just like this for every other class they are unstoppable I have a hard time seeing me picking any other tank not to mention their multi facets capable of doing more than one thing like staring at 1 they're phenomenal a crowd control you name it if you know how to play one you wouldnt be be your mouth.but that's okay be bias because I'll be the first one to laugh the day your land there and one saves you lol Got this beautiful 2.0 tonight on my 81 sk. Sorry to hear that knights on your server are unable to tank anything.but they arent normal respawns, kinda sucked because i didnt get a hide from the first 4 that were up, had to wait 2 hours for respawn, then one dropped. combine, in a sowing kit, woven mandrake, which you made earlier, and steel boning to make picnic baskets to lvl 75.

Just wanted to add to lukistke post the Pallies part may no longer be pet pulled but can easily be solo'd with a little bit of tactics.And when they die to the big mobs on raids, it's us that can snap agro and hold it, and actually live long enough for the healers to switch over. Pain Mistress Okami L`Assundre of Tarew Marr Dark Elf Shadow Knight Drinal (Tarew) Retired after 500 days /played Deleted num=96950 Retired againdid the math the clicky heals you for 80% of melee dealt...for tanking with it...warriors have now started shield tanking cuz they've seen that us sk's were taking less dmg with 1hs and shield combo...Yes, putting on the eye for 100 more ac is well worth the 400 hp I lose when I swap out the sword. shield obviously adds more hp/ac so why wouldn't you want to tank as such.Spawn the pallies as they approach the ring they will start buffing and stand guard...

position yourself out at max range (they will all con indiffent) cast darkness on the Frog pally (it will stick, never tried the others) then run in a straight path away...

SO, on out next anguish run i am more than certain i will have myself a shinny globe and then ill be off to pop lhranc in RCOD and will be the proud new owner and 1 of maybe 20 other sk's on my server with the 2.0. quest is NOT hard by no means, if your an average player i would rally suggest getting the 1.5.

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