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He lightly touched her left breast as she asked: "Love me? He worried about his departure as they laid naked in bed for the last time: "Hold me back, don't let me leave..." She willingly accepted his proposal to make love to her again (Marion: "Make love to me? I'll be so unhappy after I've lost you." Soon, she regretfully felt that she would become an "acceptable young lady" as she grew older and would no longer be "ashamed" to be accompanied by him.The infamous and controversial predatory (and gratuitous) 'tree rape' scene was accused of being misogynistic.University student Cheryl Williams (Ellen Sandweiss), main character Ash Williams' (Bruce Campbell) younger sister, was the first to be possessed." When he denied having physical feelings for her, he added: "I'm not quite old enough to go for little girls." She asserted: "I'm not a little girl anymore... The exclusive owner of that territory is you."When she disobediently returned from a birthday party the following morning, staying out past her curfew, he again succumbed to her charms. She promised: "I'll make you forget the blues, all your troubles." Afterwards, a surprise visit from her real father caused suspicion that Remy was sleeping with his step-daughter, when he caught them in an obvious lie, and saw them engaged in a steamy embrace and kiss while he was leaving.

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Later, she took an evening stroll to the notorious Crystal Lake for a skinny-dip, after tantalizing one of the other handsome male counselor trainees Scott (Russell Todd) at dinner with her short, skin-tight, bra-less pink half-shirt top.

After feeling her breasts and crotch through her clothing, she laid back on the floor. " They became obsessed with each other and made sweaty love in her bed, in the boathouse, in a large bathtub, etc, without pausing in-between, and he complained as she touched his limp penis: "Gimme a break here.

He removed her panties to make love to her, exclaiming: "It's so right! It takes a little while." She joked: "It's your own fault. It throws everything else out of whack" - he told her it would take 30 seconds for him to recover.

Later when they met at the only bar in the small town of Pinehaven, she told him: "Some men, once they get a whiff of it, they trail you like a hound." He claimed: "I'm not that eager." When she said her temperature was normally high, he quipped: "Maybe you need a tune-up," to which she answered: "Don't tell me.

You have just the right tool." She warned him: "You're going to be disappointed," but he didn't take the hint.

In a shared bath of ice cubes after more insatiable intercourse (she pleaded: "Don't stop! It's about to fall off."Also included in the film was the scene of Ned's mistaken delivery of a very forward proposition to Matty's visiting high school girlfriend Mary Ann Simpson (Kim Zimmer): "Hey lady, do you wanna f--k?

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