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Many onlookers to the contemporary transgender parade, knowing that a disfavored opinion is worse than bad taste today, similarly fear to identify it as a misapprehension.

I am ever trying to be the boy among the bystanders who points to what’s real.

At Johns Hopkins, after pioneering sex-change surgery, we demonstrated that the practice brought no important benefits.

As a result, we stopped offering that form of treatment in the 1970s.

I do so not only because truth matters, but also because overlooked amid the hoopla—enhanced now by Bruce Jenner’s celebrity and Annie Leibovitz’s photography—stand many victims.

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Therefore, no one could predict who would swap this fact of their makeup, nor could one justifiably criticize such a decision.

And, that idea, quickly accepted in the 1980s, has since run through the American public like a revelation or “meme” affecting much of our thought about sex.

The champions of this meme, encouraged by their alliance with the broader LGBT movement, claim that whether you are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, is more of a disposition or feeling about yourself than a fact of nature.

In a way, it’s reminiscent of the Hans Christian Andersen tale, .

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