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They offer all the usual refinements of high-quality roof prism binoculars: waterproof, dust-proof, nitrogen-purged to be internally fog-proof – pretty much everything-proof except theft-proof, so keep an eye on your younger brother and spouse!

Leica makes a truly fine binocular, and the Ultravids were already arguably one of the three or four finest on the planet.

That the colors were that vivid under those field conditions spoke volumes to us.

The way the image details just jump out and demand notice makes it clear that the Ultravid HDs are simply superb binoculars.

The Ultravid HDs are listed as having a 330-foot field of view at 1000 yards.

If you look at 10x roof prism binoculars, this is roughly a 3% bigger field of view than is average for this class of optic.

The other thing to note in this is that often, extreme close focus comes at a cost of two things: apparent depth of field and the clarity at infinite focal length.

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The broad dark tail bands alternating with crisp white ones…Anyone who regularly peruses these pages will know that this review is way overdue as Leica Ultravid binoculars have been out for quite a while now. There were production issues at Leica, and in their defense, they got a finished product at one stage and decided it just wasn’t good enough, so instead of rushing to market with a beta version, they went back and did it over until they were satisfied.