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02-Jul-2017 14:08

Check out what he had to say in the interview below.

You started with an original film, so coming into a franchise like this, how much work did you guys put down at the beginning talking about the roles of your shared world and making sure the mythology lines up? The sort of clear rules of Annabelle is just, about herself, is that we can’t see her move. Other than that, it was pretty free because it’s such a different story and new characters.

Sandberg, the director who broke out in the feature filmmaking scene just last year with his critical and commercial hit , which has already earned ten times its budget in only two weeks at the box office, cements that status.

Sandberg knows he’s on a roll and he’s riding it to a blockbuster superhero project.

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday weekend, let’s look back at how the hottest duos in Hollywood celebrated Labor Day last year: …Ready to read more? Related Tags: Carey Hart, Carmen Electra, Dave Annable, David Lauren, Dean Mc Dermott, Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union, Jionni La Valle, Joel Madden, Josephine De La Baume, Justin Bieber, Labor Day, Lauren Bush, Mark Ronson, Nicole Richie, Nicole Snooki Polizzi, Odette Annable, Pink, Rob Patterson, Selena Gomez, Tori Spelling, Whitney Johnson To celebrate one year of marital bliss, Dave and Odette Annable plan to head to attend their friend Beaver’s wedding. It’s officially four puncture wounds with a steak knife to the kidney — I can survive. '” So long as he buys a gift, Dave said he’ll be in the clear. star Dave Annable and his actress bride, Odette Yustman.

I figured that out in the first year of marriage,” he said jokingly to premiere in Westwood, CA, last Monday. What are some ways to make your first anniversary extra special?

It started with something of an anomaly in the studio horror landscape at the time. earlier this month, and once again, they have a huge hit on their hands.

James Wan‘s first film was an R-rated original horror film aimed at adults. For the origin story of their demonic doll, Wan and the studio recruited David F.

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You’ve talked about how was crazy because you were literally learning everything.Would you want to take on another demon from this universe? For now, I feel completely satisfied just having done this.My installment in this universe was quite an honor, but there’s no immediate need to try and do more with it for me personally, no.But I mean, I’ve always loved horror so I think I’ll definitely return to that genre in some ways. When we were talking about it, I was like “Oh my god, that would be horrifying”.

But it’s always good to try something different for . So I think it’s just kind of best to have a kid and an adult. It’s that weird trend that’s going around right now though, they want to digitally de-age everybody. [Laughs] Jumping back to why I’m talking with you today, When you look at the horror industry this year, the things that are connecting with audiences this year aren’t especially predictable or in the same vein as each other.SANDBERG: Yeah, I mean my next movie is not a horror movie.

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