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To activate transaction mode use the set_transaction_mode() method.

For more details see the chapter 'Transactions' in 'Making queries' guide.

NCMD is a software capability that automates data distribution, with a focus on geospatial data (vector map data, raster map data or imagery).

NCMD has been developed as a web service and multi-tiered software application that allows deployed C4ISR system to autonomously obtain and update geospatial data.

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Cheers for the suggestion with the $scope.$apply() it helped me to rule out other possibilities and i found the solution, when going to another page and then returning to the page where i had the problems, a new array would be made and the databinding was broken.

A growing problem exists with forward-deployed electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) in obtaining and updating geospatial data(electronic nautical charts).

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The concept of Network Centric Mapping Database (NCMD) was initially proposed as a solution to the existing updating process for Digital Nautical Chart (DNC) used by electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) in the US Navy fleet.To affect the default data processing either on the server- or client-side you should use either data Processor or dhtmlx Connector events.For more details, see the chapter 'Changing default processing' in 'Client-side requirement - data Processor'.When I stay on the same page everything works perfectly and the page gets updated with the correct items But when I change to a different page and then go back to the page with the list then the data gets updated in the model (checked with a -Are you seeing any errors?

And if not, have you tried wrapping the code that updates scope variables in a function passed to $scope.$apply() instead of updating the variables and then calling $apply() with no parameters?This problem is commonly referred to as distributing geospatial data over the “last tactical mile”.