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Some are stealing them, taking them for joy rides, and leaving them on the side of the road. If you’re a nutritionist, you’re probably not going through drive-throughs at midnight. If we approach dating without these things — I’m not saying it’s easy — dating can actually be rewarding, and meaningful to your growth. But therapists have just as many, if not more, “issues” than our clients: John Kim is impatient. If you’re a fitness coach, your fitness standards are higher. What makes dating feel like water torture are expectations, timelines, outcomes, game playing, judgment, pressure, not communicating (leaving people in the dark), and checklists.Take steps to know how to feel happy with who you are and make the world treat you as you deserve to be treated.Point to Practice: Today I will remain seated on my secret of self-respect in all I do.What would you be doing if this were your last day on earth?What could you be doing to attract more special people in your life? You're not the only single person out there looking for love. You’ve never been there, but you think you know the area, and so you just go. I’m used to Waze—knowing there is a destination and getting there fast. Then there’s chemistry and magic and all that stuff that isn’t covered in self-help books. It’s all the attachments we paper clip to dating that prevent us from tasting the true nectar of human collisions. This is a pill I’ve struggled to swallow, because I don’t want to get hurt, but I especially don’t want to hurt others.

But now that I’ve been dating for a while, I’m realizing that the crayons are broken, and I have no idea how to draw. Dating is a chaotic roller coaster with no safety bar to hold onto. I’m not going to get into how people meet; I’m talking about the unfolding process—in one word, . When you look at it this way, you can take the pressure off and leave room for it to be a human experience, possibly a spiritual one, and it’s easier to not make it about the ego, and how things play out — because at the end of the day, no one really knows. It’s a choice to look at it this way, and if it doesn’t work out, to continue to throw love at them. If you’re getting treated like a movie extra in their blockbuster film now, that’s probably how you’ll be treated in the relationship. I struggle with this one, because I want to control everything.Yes, the best I've learned is that these other people have added to my life, even if things haven't progressed to anything tangible.I just ran into one the other day, when I felt like I needed a friend, and we had a good talk. In fact, maybe I'm just dating in order to stretch that part of my nature, to see how I handle myself in various situations.Maybe that's the greatest good to come of it, at least for me.

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I don't really have a goal of anything in my life changing drastically at this point.Getting in the Right Mindset Taking Action With Yourself Interacting With Others Being Good for Yourself Community Q&A Developing a strong sense of self-respect can help you fulfill your potential, develop healthy relationships, and make everyone around you see you as a person who is worthy of respect.