Dating for quiet people

23-Jun-2017 23:48

Speaking of mustaches, I took mine and Simone down to the Florida Keys over Thanksgiving week for a bit of diving and a ton of seafood.

I was actually concerned that my scuba mask wouldn’t seal well over the lip monster, but it was fine.

And then she had to peel the whole thing off when the boat captain suggested we postpone until the next day.

But I noted the relief in her sigh as she yanked her left foot out of the leg of the suit.

So giving her props for diving while trying to coach her on better control in her swimming is a delicate dance.

The benefit of Simone’s rapid emptying of her tank wasn’t clear to me until our final dive.

It wasn’t until we were on the boat that I realized nobody else in the dive party had come up with us — the gesture had been, “Simone is low on air, so we’re going up.

Do you want to stay with the party, or come with us?

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Simone’s jitters disappeared as she settled into the slow and steady breathing from her training, and of course every pufferfish was a small miracle to her.

I know too well how it ebbs when it’s not nourished.