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I decided to buy the plane ticket with time, I went to the Mediterranean.The location was a beach in Valencia, Spain, and it was good because the offer I found decided the site.We kept talking, and it seemed we were close for a long time because the conversation flowed too well.When without more than saying, Nora took the tanning cream, and began to pass it all over my body, and especially my breasts.Summer was coming, and I wanted to show my fitness body thanks for having practiced contemporary dance since my high school.And although I always wear low-cut clothing to highlight my breasts since they are of a right size for my height, which is 5.8ft.Tasting that tongue with a mint flavor of the first boy that was my first love was a good experience, and I think for him also was okay because his little friend was like a rock under his pants.Later I knew that not all girls are lucky like me, I must confess that this boy had good breath always had a mint in his mouth, besides was very handsome.

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Her skin had also acquired a golden color, matching her blond curly hair that occasionally covered the nipples of her breasts, but these were rebellious and came out of her hair looking for light again, she was a sweet girl from head to toe.

After 18 hours of flight, I was finally lying on the beach, after swimming a bit now I enjoyed the sun caressing my skin.

The day was splendid, and I decided to take off my bra, a widespread practice to do for the girls who come to the beach in the Mediterranean.

I just wanted to explore a new place that was worth spending everything saved for the work I had for two years.

Everything was a great hotel, plane, and location, plus being able to know the Mediterranean and the beautiful bodies it can offer me.

It seemed that Nora knew the ones she wanted, as she began to lower her hands more down my crotch.