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We have about 50 pieces in all, and the best have become quite valuable.

But we love them for their craftsmanship, not their monetary value — after all, we bought the first one for £25.

I’ve loved the company of cats since I was a little girl – they’re easy to keep as they’re so self-sufficient, but they’re also wonderfully affectionate and great fun.

Sunita has a wild streak — she even likes water — but she also loves to snuggle up to me while I’m working.

My father, Harold, died from cancer when he was 61.

I was only 26 and I’ve never truly come to terms with losing him so young, but there’s something lovely about seeing him in this photo when he was in his late 20s with his life ahead of him.

When I look at it I hear the echo of his words which still resonate a hundred years later.

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Jeffrey and I commissioned a full-sized bronze sculpture of Rupert in 2006 which stands in front of the house [inset above], and this is an early model of it.

I chose it because of the crashing noise at the start and it’s a very lively record.

It was presented to me in this frame in October 1984 ‘to mark 17 years of distinguished broadcasting on Radio 1’.

Singing has been an essential part of my life since my father put me on his knee at the piano when I was three and taught me carols and nursery rhymes.

I belong to a small choir, Cantus, in Cambridge and we do about six concerts a year.

We started soon after we moved here and we’ve bought almost all our collection from the local auction house, Cheffins.

A7, Egges newly laid, are nutritiue to eat, And rosted Reere are easie to digest. Grilled hops and steaks may be just right at the center but dry elsewhere; long-braised pot roasts and stews are often dry throughout." ---On Food and Cooking (p.… continue reading »

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