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31-Oct-2017 14:22

As part of the tradition, the bride closes her hand, and the groom’s mother will try to open her hand.

If she does not manage to open the bride’s hand, the bride will receive an expensive gift from the groom’s mother.

On the other hand, surveys do confirm that it is generally accepted among Afghans that a husband can beat his wife if she has challenged his authority or otherwise failed in one of her domestic duties.

Over 90% of women accept as a principle that a husband has the right to use physical violence against his wife if she does one of the following: leaves the house without telling him, argues with him, neglects the children, refuses to have sex with him or burns the food (in the order of the most support to the least).

The Afghan society is dominated by a reactionary view on women’s roles and rights.

While some urban women enjoy some rights and even work outside the home, more traditional views still reign strong in the countryside.

Once the girl’s parents accept the proposal, they give chocolates to the boy’s elders. The engagement party is followed by the Khina (Henna) night.

The bride’s dress is different from everyone else’s, however.

The evening is celebrated with Attan dancing (traditional Afghan dance).

Western media often paints an excessively negative picture of family structure in Afghanistan.

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Were one to believe the most negative descriptions, one might think that a majority of Afghan girls get married off before reaching puberty, to men who are many years their senior, and often as a second, third or fourth wife.

Although the state has ratified international agreements and a national action plan for women’s rights, there is a chasm between these agreements and the reality Afghan women face.

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