Bertram boltwood radiometric dating

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(1870-1927)Bertram Borden Boltwood was born on July 27, 1870, in Amherst, Massachusetts.His paternal ancesters had come from Great Britain two centuries earlier and were a prominent family in New England.

Ask about the Carboniferous and you’ll likely hear 359 million years ago.

Although each of these approaches offered vast improvements in dating, and collectively represented a fundamental sea change in the scientific understanding of the world, each had its flaws.

It would take the discovery of a demonstrably predictable phenomenon, radioactivity, to really expose the scope of Earth’s history.

Boltwood's mother was not wealthy, but she was affluent enough to send him to private school and, befitting her social position, destined him to attend Yale, his father's college.

He entered Yale's Sheffield Scientific School in 1889 and upon completion of the three-year program took highest honors in chemistry.Boltwood joined the faculty at Yale and taught there for the rest of his life, serving from 1910 to 1927 as Professor of Radiochemistry.

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