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So, in 1103 AD they built a strong citadel on the hilltop to protect themselves and their unique culture and made this their kingdom.New laws and rules were instituted which, along with the more secure location, allowed the tribal chiefs to govern Siwa as an independent state for hundreds of years.Later, in 1983, he gave the Siwans a helicopter to make access to the rest of Egypt easier.This helicopter was for medical purposes and the transport of necessary commodities.He sent his Egyptian army to Siwa, seeking tribute and the submission of its people to his rule.The Siwans dug a trench around the base of Shali to prevent the Egyptian army from attacking, but Ali fired rockets at the citadel, causing great destruction.The ancient oasis of Siwa was crucial to the trade caravans which crossed the desert from the Nile valley in the east to the Mediterranean harbours of Libya in the west.

The clever natives bought themselves time by asking for three days to choose their answer.During this three-day period they gathered together all their riches (such as gold, jewellery, precious stones, and Pharaonic treasures).

Of course, the Catholic Church continues to wield enormous influence in the life of Mexicans generally.… continue reading »

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Why else would you want to get out of this comfortable bed?!… continue reading »

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