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03-Aug-2017 00:59

OK, it was like a week ago but if we get a dog we have decided to call it Tiger!

I knew I had an inner alpha male, but I kept suppressing it due to a religious upbringing/brainwashing/social programming and a father figure in life who never gave me any advice on women. I learned after reading Mode One and several other ARC books, that I was not the only one who felt this way about having an internal alpha male that I suppressed.A raw, authentic nature that I was afraid to express.Over the years starting at 17, I started a journey to improve my life in terms of game, and how good I was with women.So when I had decided to give Mode One a read, I read it unbiasedly and took notes.

Then I dived a bit deeper and read some more of ARCs books to get a better idea of the types of women in today's society. However that did not leave me mad or angry at myself. And even though those women rejected me, they RESPECTED me.It was several years ago when a fellow member of a pick-up-artist internet forum private messaged me, and told me to forget all this PUA non-sense, and check out a book by Alan Roger Currie called "Mode One." He also told me about the direct method when it comes to dating.